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Mold Removal Rochester Ny

Welcome to Mold Removal Rochester Ny! We help repair your homes to its previous state before worse damage has set in from mold issues. Many people deal with mold and have a hard time finding the right way to fix it. We are here to tell you that we are the way to go! We provide all kinds of testing like, mold, air and surface sample testing. We also provide remedies to get rid of mold and have ways to prevent mold from coming back!

Things to know about Mold Removal Rochester

We are a very professional team. Mold Remediation Rochester NY is there to eliminate the mold and to make your lives easier, healthier and safer. We Are happy if our customer is happy with the work done! We have affordable rates for all so everyone can get the service they need without feeling tight. We’ve been doing this job for decades and have much more experience than other businesses, we see things that others miss, like drainage issues or structural defects.

Mold Removal Rochester NY not only gets the job done in a very short reasonable amount of time we also make it worth your time, no mistakes are made in our work and we check our work over again to make sure nothing is missed and so that our customer gets the best experience with us as possible.

We also know that each home is different and that each situation is unique! In some cases the basement mold removal Rochester NY team is needed for where they specialize in. So we will have a special plan for what we will do just for you! It won’t be just a normal protocol thing, it will be done how it will fit you and your home best.

Why you should choose Mold Removal Rochester NY to service you

We will always make sure that at the end of our work that you’re satisfied with what you see, and if not we are all ears to hear what it is you have to say and have an open and ready mind to fix what's needed for you. We don’t want to leave you hanging or feeling like we could have done more which we don’t want.

We want you to feel happy and content through this whole process and we want to make it as relaxing for you as possible. We have had decades and decades of work in this field and we don’t miss much. We have way more experience than other companies and we aren’t naive even to the smallest things that may be wrong that others are sure to miss.

  • We have a free estimate
  • We have free testing to see what the problem is so then we are all aware and you get your money's worth
  • We provide a Mold Remediation Rochester NY team to give a special remedy to get rid of the fungus growing in your home
  • We then spend time finding a perfect and easy solution for you to make sure the mold never comes back again so you don’t have to worry about the “what if” factor that many people that go to other companies actually end up worrying about and then most likely do have it come back cause they weren’t educated correctly on what the problem was
  • We put you first
  • We come to you after you phone call about your problem that day so you don’t have to wait any longer
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Expectations of Mold Removal Rochester

Our customers that we have had in the past have never been disappointed with the time of our arrival. We get the job done quickly and efficiently for them. We make sure they know how important they are to us and how important their problem is to us. We don’t want them feeling like just another client to deal with.

Our product is kept new and in stock, we always make sure that we have plenty of everything so you don’t have to wait on any equipment needed to come in so then the problem can be solved IMMEDIATELY. We know through and through how irritating it is to deal with mold and not to mention the worry it can give you if it may be hurting you or a loved one in your family. We want to have all the tools and equipment necessary to make sure none of you are put in a situation like that.

After you call us about the problem and give us the information needed we strive to have someone be there within an hour or two to give attention to the task at hand. Then just be prepared for the step by step process and the way our employees will help guide you through the process to tell you what has happened and what needs to be done. Depending on the problem it may just take a couple hours to fix and if it's more severe maybe a couple days.

We have different teams for different jobs that need to be done. We have invested time in having a Mold Inspection Rochester NY team, as well as a Mold Remediation Rochester NY team, along with a few others.

Mold Removal Rochester NY Services

The services Mold Removal Companies in Rochester NY provide are to be as efficient as possible. Testing to see where all the problems lie, and to have remedies to fix it, and ways to prevent our customers from dealing with those same problems again.

To ALWAYS come out on top with a permanent solution and a happy customer. We provide mold estimate, mold testing, air testing, surface sample testing, mold removal and remediation, mold prevention services, ventilation services and general construction services.

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For this we see if there’s any sign of mold around and if so we look for specific things. Example: musty smell, visible sign of water damage, a sink, sewer, or roof leak.

rochester mold testing and rochester mold inspection

Mold Testing Rochester NY

Mold testing is similar to mold estimate, it's really just looking for signs of damage, black areas where it's not meant to be black, a musty smell as said earlier.

Air testing is also done to see what kind of presence or concentration of mold spores in your homes air. People that have sensitive immune systems, or young children or babies can be easily affected by this and hit them much faster before the mold even has time to grow on the walls. It’s necessary to do this testing before and after the decontamination of the mold.

Surface testing helps us find where the mold is located at, and about how much may be present. This is done with swabs and tape lifting and other methods of sampling for mold.

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Mold Removal Rochester and Rochester Mold Remediation

This is literally just the step to decontaminate and to get rid of any mold that has grown on surfaces and or in the air. Many believe bleach kills mold but this is not the case. This fungus needs to be handled by a mold Rochester Ny professional to make this growth go away completely and not just LOOK like it’s gone.

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This is to find a solution for the area that grew mold in the first place. All parts of your home should have a way to be aired out and to be ventilated. If it’s not done the mold will grow back in time because of the same thing and process happening over and over again and the moisture constantly building back up.

About Rochester New York

Rochester is a city in New York state that is on Lake Ontario. Old buildings are gathered there near the Genesee River’s High Falls. They have a lot of items that have been made into a “Strong National Museum of Play”, that was found in the 1900’s. Rochester was known as the “Young Lion of the West” and also as the “Flower City” because of their Lilac Festival. The population is 206,284.

The cities nearby surrounding Rochester put in order from largest population to smallest population are:

  • Greece, NY
  • Irondequoit, NY
  • Brighton, NY
  • Batavia, NY
  • Geneva, NY
  • Canandaigua, NY
  • Newark, NY
  • And many other surrounding areas


I had used clorox wipes over and over again to try to get rid of the mold growing in my closet, I finally decided to call Mold Removal Rochester NY and they informed me about how mold feeds off of clorox wipes! I was horrified! But thanks to Sam, one of the employees there, he used the remedy needed to get rid of the mold and even called back the next day to see how everything was looking and smelling! Totally recommend this company!

- Adam L

We had super badwater damage under our sink in the kitchen because of a pipe bursting and not taking proper steps of action to fix the problem for several months. Thank goodness we got the help needed from Mold Removal Rochester NY. It cost us a little extra cause of all the damage done, but now we will know for next time how to take better precautions.

- Brenna C.

We had a massive leak coming from upstairs that was falling onto our carpet down stairs. It soaked about a third of our carpet, but this wonderful company had just the right equipment they needed to air out the carpet before any permanent damage was done. They commended us on our fast action and not letting the carpet sit and trying to fix it ourselves by furthering making our problem larger than needed. Loved their support they gave to us.

- Chris B.

Questions and Answers for customers from Rochester NY

How do you test if mold is making you sick?

Pretty much if you are having any signs of a cold, mold can give you the same effects.

Is dried mold dangerous?

Not necessarily, but it can still cause problems and irritation to your body.

How long can mold spores live on clothing?

It doesn’t go away unless treated or thrown away to get it out of your house, but even then a remedy should be done at your home.

Do you have to get rid of the things black mold has been on?

Yes it would be best to just replace the item

Will Lysol kill mold spores?

Lysol is a disinfectant so yes it can get the job done.

Will clorox kill mold?

No, in fact it feeds off of it! So do not use clorox wipes, it will only make the problem worse!

What natural thing kills mold?

Sunlight and fresh air helps kill mold. So open those windows and open those curtains!

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We truly have your best interest at heart! We want to make sure your environment is safe for you and your loved ones. We are here to do all the testing needed in your home so there is no chance of unseen mold growing in your house on the walls or in the air.

Take the proper steps and careful precautions! Don’t let things get out of hand and become a bigger problem than needed! We are here for you and will give you our full support! You are our number one priority. Call Mold Removal Rochester Ny today!

Mold Removal ROchester Ny

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